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Fixed Income Services

Meet your fixed income needs with the prowess of our dynamic services, tailored to exceed your expectations.

Advantages Of Using <br/><strong>Our</strong>&#160;<strong>Execution Services</strong>

Advantages Of Using
Our Execution Services

We offer execution services for clients that do not custody directly with our firm by utilizing DVP and Prime Brokerage delivery systems. This can be used at any custodian who offers DVP and/or Prime Brokerage as a delivery option.

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<strong>Cash Management</strong> Solutions

Cash Management Solutions

Whether you’re a non-profit organization who’s required to maintain cash reserves or an individual looking for a way to optimize your excess savings while preserving your principal investment, our experienced team of investment professionals is here to help. ISC Group’s cash management strategy invests available cash in a way that maintains liquidity, minimizes risk, and is customized to your unique financial goals. Our strategy achieves this by allocating funds to fixed income assets, particularly bonds, by directly sourcing these assets from the secondary market to optimize cost-efficiency.

The strategy consists of the following elements:

  • A high priority within our strategy is to ensure that you have access to your cash when needed, meaning a portion of the available funds are invested in assets that can be readily converted to cash without significant loss in value.

  • Another priority is the protection of your capital by minimizing exposure to higher-risk investments. Fixed income assets like bonds are chosen for their historically lower volatility and consistent income generation, helping to preserve the principal amount.

  • We customize investment portfolios based on your specific cash flow needs and risk tolerance, ensuring that the strategy aligns with your unique financial objectives.

  • We differentiate ourselves by purchasing bonds directly from the secondary fixed income market, cutting out intermediaries, reducing intermediary costs and enhancing returns for clients.