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Scott Hayes, CFA ®

Scott Hayes, CFA ®

President and CEO

Scott is President and CEO of ISC Group, Inc. Here’s what he says about the company he’s so passionate about.

“We love helping our clients achieve their financial goals. In the retirement plan space, it’s amazing how many people, through quite rudimentary steps and a little help, could be readying themselves and their families for happier, more secure retirements.

“Our job at ISC is to help companies and non-profits offer their employees the kind of robust retirement plans they need to achieve their goals. We also work with individuals to create and maintain financial well-being through responsible portfolio management.

“Some of what we do is design the retirement plans and smart investment strategies themselves. Some of it is work to help educate plan participants and investors when it comes to making smart, rewarding choices.

“ISC Group has been successfully building secure financial futures for more than 25 years. I welcome new companies, non-profits and individuals to the ISC family and reaffirm the ISC promise to do all we can to provide every one of our customers with the secure financial future they so richly deserve.”

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