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Greg Saurenman

Greg Saurenman

Over my 17-year financial career, I’ve worked for the asset management and distribution arms of companies such as JPMorgan, Janus Capital, and Calamos Investments, and have represented mutual funds, private investments, and hedge fund portfolio managers.  I’ve spent over 12 years as a licensed professional interviewing thousands of financial advisors with every firm on the street, working with private wealth groups, registered investment advisors, independent advisors, and bank trust departments, getting to know their business methodologies and processes, building countless relationships, and helping match solutions to needs.  Noting the good practices, and the areas that could be improved upon.  Learning to listen, and to ask the right questions.  Learning who the brightest minds are in the global financial management industry, and ultimately leaning on this network of high-level professionals in my work as an advisor.  At 43, with young children, I decided to take the lessons I’ve learned and “retool” in order to develop my own advisory practice, working directly with the public, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations.  I wanted it to be on my terms, Terms that put the client first, and would allow flexibility to adapt and benefit from the dynamic technological advancements in our industry.

As a devoted husband to a lady managing her own professional career, and as a father to two young children, I understand the challenges and complexities involved in family finances and planning.  And as the son of two “baby boomers”, I understand the challenges and complexities involved in the retirement process.  With several years spent in the nonprofit sector, in project management, grant writing, and public education, I understand the challenges that these organizations face, particularly when it comes to managing finances, fundraising, managing growing endowments, and saving on costs wherever possible.

On a personal note, I was raised in Ohio, graduated from The Ohio State University, and spent time in Colorado before being promoted to a field position in Texas.  My wife, who is from a legacy TCU family, had just moved back from New York, and the rest as they say, is history.  With 25 family members in the area, and a great community of friends, we call North Texas home.  Whenever we have the chance though, we love spending time in Santa Fe, the Vail Valley, Austin/Hill Country, Pensacola Beach, or with family in Columbus and New Orleans.

We’re outdoor enthusiasts, patrons of the arts, and supporters of various causes, particularly those involving ecology/sustainability, or the care of very young children.