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Serving those in service to others™

Since our beginning, ISC has specialized in helping non-profits and governmental employers establish and manage their retirement plan needs. We’re experts at the unique regulations that apply to these entities and the potential opportunities that are available.

Many non-profit organizations lag behind their for-profit counterparts in providing innovative retirement plan design features for their employees. These features, which are common in the for-profit space, are notably absent in the non-profit arena. There’s no reason why this should be the case. You want to attract good people who need to match their passion for serving others with the desire to provide for their own families. You want to take full advantage of the unique financial options available to non-profits. Finally, you have your own financial future to consider.

Even if you already have a retirement savings program in place, how can you be sure you are not paying too much in fees and hidden costs? The best way to know for certain is to begin with an assessment.

As you know, non-profit and governmental employer plans operate quite similarly to regular 401(k) plans, but they enjoy exemptions from some of the administrative processes that apply.

Non-profit and governmental employees may also enjoy other retirement saving opportunities, which can be beneficial under the right circumstances. These can include Roth deferral arrangements, post-severance 403(b) contributions, double deferral limits, and more.

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