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Financial Wellness Portal Instructions

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Lay the foundation for your financial independence and gain access to financial articles, calculators, videos and webinars by completing a short financial wellness checkup and money personality evaluation. Once the assessments are complete you will receive relevant communications and educational courses based on the checkup and evaluation results.

Step 1 Follow the Financial Wellness Portal link found at

Step 2 Establish Your Account
To ensure you get access to premium level content, select Restaurant Partners from the dropdown menu. See Below.

Step 3 Begin Your Assessment/Financial Wellness Checkup
On your intitial login, you will be directed to the page to begin your initial Financial Wellness Checkup, just click next to begin.

Step 4 Start the Money Personality Evaluation
After competing the wellness assessment, please complete the Money Personality evaluation.

Step 5 Start enjoying content tailored to your personal financial situation!

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