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Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Let’s talk about your company’s retirement plans:

  1. Employees of the best US companies should have financial security that will last throughout their entire lives. Will yours?
  2. How much are you doing to help employees prepare for a long, comfortable retirement? Could you do more?
  3. Many employers are currently paying excessive fees and hidden costs to their retirement plan providers. Are you?

ISC specializes in qualified retirement plans such as 401(k), 403(b), 457(b) and Cash Balance plans. We can help you optimize plan design, serve as investment fiduciaries and implement a wide range of financial education and wellness programs to ensure that your employees are on track for retirement.

If you don’t know the answers, we should talk.

People fool themselves

It’s a sad fact that, today, around one-third of workers are big gamblers. They are not necessarily gambling on the slots, but gambling by having less than $1,000 put away in savings and investments for retirement.

Only about one in three workers have more than $25,000. So what’s the plan?

Roughly 44% of workers over 40 are at risk of lacking adequate savings for retirement, based on a report by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. That means they won’t have enough money for their basic retirement expenditures plus uninsured healthcare. Unless they take action now, they are in for a less-than-secure retirement.1

Millennials should act now

Younger employees still have time to get on track, but they need to take action now and understand how smart savings decisions now will help them in the future.

Suppose an employee earning $60,000 a year delays enrolling in their company 401(k) plan for five years (perhaps while they save for a house or pay down a student loan). By the time they retire, they’ll have lost almost a quarter of a million dollars in accumulated savings.2

The Enemy is "IDIT"

“I’ll Do It Tomorrow.” This is the common cry of roughly 35% of workers who, when offered a retirement plan, simply don’t get around to signing up for it.

And of the ones that do sign up, very few contribute as much as they should.3

The right time is right now

Our goal is to help you help your employees overcome the inertia and natural procrastination that prevents many people from taking full advantage of their savings potential. We can help you, as a conscientious employer, look out for your employees’ best interests and do everything you can to encourage smart savings choices.

We know you want the best for your company and your employees. But how? Like everything else, the best way to make a decision is first to do your homework.

We have learned a lot about savings behavior and how to encourage smart choices. Incentives include creating “opt-out” plans rather than “opt-in” plans, offering sound, timely advice, and more. We can help you help your employees reach their financial retirement goals. We’re certain they’ll thank you.

Find out what your current retirement program is offering. Compare the alternatives. Don’t worry—we can help. Let’s start by assessing the situation.

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 (1) Employee Benefit Research Institute & Greenwald & Associates, 2014 Retirement Confidence Survey, 2014. (2) Example based on monthly contribution of $300 (including matching) for 30 years at 5% interest. (3) “Two-thirds of Americans don’t save enough,” Don Taylor, PhD, CFA, CFP, Bankrate, Inc. 2013