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Financial Advisers Aren’t Sold on Crypto

Financial Advisers Aren’t Sold on Crypto

March 25, 2022

Melissa Cox of ISC subsidiary Fetterman Investments is quoted in today’s Wall Street Journal with her thoughts on crypto currencies:

Financial adviser Melissa Anne Cox of Fetterman Investments in Dallas has taken the time to educate herself about crypto so that she can talk to her clients about it. She has advised some younger clients about the mechanics of acquiring crypto. 

Like many advisers, she said, Fetterman is transitioning into the next generation of investors, so it is important to understand new options. But her firm hasn’t changed its rules against buying crypto, and she isn’t comfortable putting her clients—most of whom are older—into such a high-risk investment anyway.

“I like to educate people on what cryptocurrencies are,” she said. But that is as far as it goes. “I don’t personally purchase crypto for my clients. That’s just where I am right now.”

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